India retreat with gianna and open Lotus

03 Jun 17:00 - 14 Jun 20:00 03 Jun 17:00 - 14 Jun 20:00 - Vashisht Vashisht
Vashisht, Himachal Pradesh, India Vashisht, Himachal Pradesh, India
Through daily asana and meditation practice, the fresh air of the himalayas, and exploration of the rich Indian culture, this spiritual getaway presents the perfect family...   More info

Yoga Retreat JULY 2nd 2018

02 Jul 07:00 - 13 Jul 19:00 02 Jul 07:00 - 13 Jul 19:00 - Vashisht Vashisht
Open Lotus Yoga Retreat Open Lotus Yoga Retreat
When you’re on top of the world it’s easy to touch the sky. Breathe in the pure air and see the mountains that give Manali the nickname The Valley of Gods . You’ll stay in a...   More info

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